Botanical Home Décor Ideas Every Gardener Will Fall For

A successful gardener knows that regular care is crucial to plants. But there are other changes great gardeners can adopt to make their homes resonate with their passion. One of them is creating a botanical style in the living space. Incorporating florals into your walls, floors, and upholstery brings a summery feel to your rooms year-round. As you nurture your gardens, don’t forget to take your home décor to the next level with these decorating ideas.

Wall Art

Wall art is a seamless way to add style to your living room. Spruce up your walls by hanging botanical prints from Desenio. Floral displays are lovely, and their greenery should add life to your space throughout the year. If you have the herbaceous peony in your garden, why not bring the white and pink variety into your house in the form of wall art? Alternatively, make a DIY wall hanging with your favorite flowers right from your backyard. Whatever suits your style, attach to your walls dried ferns, flowers, and other botanicals using a string. Combine the actual greenery with the botanical prints, so they highlight each other for dramatic visual effect.


Get into a botanical mood by integrating succulent plants into your kitchen or living room. Again, you can bring succulents together with the Cactus Legs Poster by Desenio. Succulents are the best plants to bring indoors because they are fleshy and have a high water retention rate in their leaves, roots, and stems. They are almost indestructible and come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Some terrariums are gravity-defying, and plants don’t always grow upwards, so you can put them on the walls. Find a stylish container, pot, and other decorative materials to get started. Display cactus, aloe, carrion flower, or Echeveria on your coffee tables or shelves. You’ll be surprised how they turn into conversation starters. Go bold with oversized bouquets and make sure they’re low-maintenance.

Floor Coverings

Rugs on a wooden floor are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. Try the modern perspective of the botanical décor with rugs resembling leaves. Or go for a luxurious carpet featuring a palm print, blooms, and curling vines for a whimsical touch to a modern home.

If you are a plant lover, you not only want to enliven the outdoors but also freshen up your indoors with nature-like ideas. Botanicals are a source of beauty, offering vitality and a timeless vibe to any space. Transform your indoor décor into a gardener’s paradise with the above print ideas inspired by real-life botanicals no matter the season.