Is gardening a safe hobby after surgery?

Anyone who is considering having elective cosmetic surgery may be concerned about recovery times. The good news is that by following Motiva’s post-op recovery advice, taking things easy and concentrating on the more gentle tasks, your garden does not have to be neglected.

If you are considering having Motiva ergonomic breast implants then in the early days after surgery it is a good idea to focus on smaller tasks such as sewing seeds – in pots, not directly into the ground – and pruning smaller plants. Heavier tasks like cutting grass and digging will need to be left until several weeks after the surgery.

During some seasons there is minimal work to be done in the garden so timing any surgery to fit with that is a good idea. That way your garden will not feel the impact of the reduced work. However, if you do need to take an extended time away from the garden, a landscaping professional will be able to help you to keep it neat and tidy.