5 Secrets to Get the Most Out of Your Planting Space

Gardening SecretsYou don’t need a large backyard or a half-acre in the country to enjoy fresh, homegrown food. Small spaces and even balcony gardens can produce a surprising volume and variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Are you ready to learn some intensive gardening secrets?

  1. Redefine “Garden”

Begin by expanding your vision of what a garden should be. Fill your balcony with hanging planters and window boxes. Incorporate edible elements such as fruit trees, berry bushes and edible greens into your landscaping. Plant peppers instead of flowers and beets instead of bushes.

  1. Make Your Bed

Raised beds are increasingly popular, and for good reason; they are easy to plant and care for. They allow for deep, loose soil and efficient spacing. Round the tops of your beds for greater planting surface area and healthy drainage.

  1. Soil

Soil should be deep, rich and adequately fertilized. Good soil encourages roots to grow deep, keeping plants hydrated, nourished and lush. Use organic compost and plenty of fertilizer. Healthy plants come from healthy soil!

  1. Mix It Up

Your planting space can handle more than one crop at a time. In fact, many plants grow better together. High-density mixed planting also allows you to use the space very efficiently. Tall and climbing plants utilize vertical space and create shade for smaller varieties. Choose plants with different growth rates and root depths so they don’t compete for resources. Add a few flowers for a pop of color that invites pollinators.

  1. Seasons

Choose plants with short growing seasons for successful succession gardening. Plant a fast-maturing corn immediately after harvesting early leaf lettuces. Use transplants to speed the process. You can even extend your growing season by a few weeks on each end by using mulches or row covers protect from the cold.

Whether you plant in a balcony box or a large backyard plot, these gardening secrets will allow you to make the most of your space and reap a bountiful, abundant harvest. Enjoy!