7 Reasons Real Men Garden

Throw out images of old ladies in floral gloves. Gardening has been an essential part of manliness for centuries, and some of the greatest men have rolled up their sleeves to cultivate magnificent and strong crops. Here are just a few reasons that gardening is one of the things real men must do in life.

1.Survival Skills

Whether you believe the world is heading toward apocalypse or hope to embark on a trip back to nature, gardening can help you gain the skills you need to thrive in the wild. Honestly, what is manlier than being able to survive entirely off the land?


Gardening requires both strength and stamina and could quickly transform your physique. Gardening not only helps you physically but also improves your mind and spirit. The quiet solitude of the garden can serve as an escape from stress and anxiety and the connection with nature can help you live a more mindful life.


If you aren’t sold on the health aspects, the garden is an excellent place to begin your own unique brew. While you could go buy some generic beer kit, nothing is manlier than using your own malt, yeast and hops to create a magnificent brew, and bonus, if you need to use your survival skills, you will always know how to make beer.


While your garden can serve as a place of solitude, it can also serve as a source of bonding. Passing gardening knowledge on to your friends and particularly your son is at the core of manliness. Additionally, you will have a plethora of produce to share with friends and family, and food simply brings people together. If nothing else, at your next barbecue, you can brag about your homegrown veggies.


Ultimately, gardening will also help you save money that you can invest elsewhere. Once your garden has been planted, you will save a significant amount on regular trips to the store for fresh produce. Having produce nearby will also prevent wasted food from rotting in the fridge.