Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards

landscaping front yardIf there’s anything we’ve learned from the small home movement, it’s that a space doesn’t need to be large in order to be beautiful and functional. These same lessons can be applied to small front yards. Try these landscaping ideas to make the most of your outdoor spaces.

Perfect Pathways

Create an enticing pathway that clearly marks the way to your front door. If you don’t have a sidewalk, create a path with large pavers or thick gravel. Line both sides with small shrubs and bright flowers that welcome friends and guests. Pathways can also lead visitors to a shaded patio, outdoor swing or garden bench.

Gravel, Rocks and Stones

Swap grass for gravel and add plants for a pleasing, water-friendly desert-scape or coastal cottage look.  Build a low, stone-stacked wall around neatly trimmed hedges for a manicured, formal yard. Create a “stream” of small stones that winds between trees and through groundcover to evoke the soothing feel of flowing water. Add a few large stones amidst shrubs and flowers to balance out the more delicate elements.

Layered Greenery

Create a multi-dimensional scene by planting in layers by height. Combine trees, bushes and grasses of various sizes and shapes. Dwarf trees provide a focal point and make the space seem larger.  Layered greenery can also create privacy for a small front patio without blocking the view or the light.

Unusual Elements

Make a small space more interesting by adding unusual elements. Depending on your location and the style of your home, you might consider:

  • Large pots filled with flowers
  • A fountain or birdbath
  • A porch swing
  • A garden bench
  • Crushed shells on pathways
  • Antique tools and equipment

Planter Boxes

In an urban area, your front yard may be only a few feet of space on either side of your walkway, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Planter boxes can be filled with waving grasses, succulents, colorful flowers or even herbs and garden plants.

A small front yard can add charm and curb appeal to your home. Welcome your guests with an enticing pathway and a variety of eye-catching elements.