Try These Ideas to Create the Prettiest Front Yard

The birds are chirping. The snow is melting away. One thing that comes to your mind is how to execute DIY ideas in the front yard. The following tips are perfect for a distinctive curb appeal.

Cottage-Like Planted Wheelbarrow

You can turn an old wheelbarrow into a chic garden display with flowers- a perfect idea for any landscape, especially cottage gardens. The most suitable flower species would be fuchsias, petunias, and the cascading types that can spill over the sides of a wheelbarrow. For the ultimate outcomes, use a topnotch potting mix that retains water. That way, your flowers will remain vibrant even under hot weather.

Rosy Landscape

Why not get the proverbial white picket to bring some charisma to your front yard? Look for the floral favorites such as sage catmint, lady’s mantle, and pink rose for a show-stopping garden.

Stone pathway

A simple stone pathway weaving through a lush patio is an easy addition to any home. A walkway forged from natural stones conjures up the appeal of an enchanting cottage. Whether you own a suburban house, countryside home or small front yard, you can create some magic with a stone pathway leading to the main gate. Be careful not to crush the blooms with the stepping stones.

Colorful Borders and Window Boxes

Plant a floral border with flowering plants to brighten up the entryway. Mix perennial and annual flowers, e.g., hydrangeas, with angelonia to add a pop of color. Some evergreen bushes will give your front garden year-round greenery. This landscaping design is more appealing when window boxes are installed. They draw people’s attention to the house while beautifying the walkway.

Grassy Driveway

A simple blacktop driveway doesn’t do much to the curb appeal. Want to bring the idyllic cottage-like vibe to your front garden? Try the red brick surface patterned with grassy medians.

Mini Water Feature

Many homeowners think there is no room for a water feature in the entryway. But a little creativity goes a long way to create a small fountain just about anywhere. Find a small nook between the garage and the front door to add a pondless waterfall. Get a small pump to circulate the water inside the glazed pot.

You’ll have the prettiest front yard once you implement the above ideas. But be mindful of your environment. Each plant needs watering and sunlight. Strive to have a succulent garden all the time. Good luck creating a front garden to boost home value and wow your neighbors.